Rules and General Information about this site

The following are rules on what to upload here, how to use the site and why it was created in the first place.

This site was created to serve fan's of Japanese Music and Videos a place to enjoy all the content they can't find on YouTube or similar sites. Japanese company's are still very restrictive when it comes to sharing their material on YouTube, with region locked channels, constant take-downs of material uploaded by other users, severely limiting the quality or length of uploaded content by the companys itself and similar. Not to mention YouTube blocking everything music related in countrys like Germany. This has to end. Until it does, view, share and enjoy as much as you can on

1. What can be uploaded

  1. Currently you are only allowed to upload official Japanese Music Videos (PV's) and fansubbed PV's to this site. Nothing Korean, Chinese, nothing Western whatsoever. This is JPop-suki and for once we would like to keep it that way. (Korean material uploaded before the site went public may be except from this rule)
  2. Live videos might be added at a later date but for now this is music video only.
  3. Anything straying from those rules will be deleted and if you continue to violate our rules your account will be disabled.

2. How to use the Upload form

  1. Correctly using the upload form is crucial on how other users will find your content and how it is sorted.
  2. Search before uploading anything! Search by artist/band name only or only for the release title, the search is very strict so you might not find something you want to upload even if it's already on the site. Dupes WILL be deleted if found so save us and yourself some time by searching first.
  3. 1. Media: Select the media you want to upload. Filesize restrictions apply, format as well.
  4. 2. Title: Write in the title of the media. Use romaji only, use the Forename-Surname order for artist names.
  5. 3. Description: In here put anything relevant to the release. When it was released, single/album name, some trivia. Also add the Artist Name - Release Name in its original Japanese in here if available. Do NOT link to the tracker in the description. You can link to your own homepage here tho. Also adding a link to CDJapan, HMV or other sites where you can buy the release is recommended as well.
  6. 6. Tags: The tags are important, please use them to describe the uploaded music as best as possible. Use genre tags like pop, rock or electronic. Add a language tag if it's in something else than Japanese. Do NOT use jpop, jrock or similar, we know that it's Japanese obviously since nothing else is allowed.
  7. 5. Category: Select if either PVs or Fansubs. The Fansubs category does only apply if its translated content, if the video had karaoke subs in it's original form it still goes into the PVs category.
  8. 6. meta tag author: You can ignore most of the meta tag fields, you should put the Artist/Band name in the Meta Tag Author field tho. Use romaji here as well.

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